About Me

Alex Bishop, RPC

Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Life Coach

Hi, I’m Alex!

Have you been to therapy with little success or change? Are you tired of approaches that focus on symptom management and ignore the deeper reasons as to why you are struggling? My clients are those that are struggling mentally, emotionally, and/or physically (in the case of chronic pain or illness) where conventional methods of therapy haven’t worked for them. My clients are those that want freedom in their life. They are those who want to live without the limits of illness and the constraints of their physical, mental, and emotional burdens.

I help guide my clients to unlock their inherent wisdom and innate capacity for healing and permanent transformation through the Internal Family Systems Therapy Model and combine elements of other approaches when necessary.

If this speaks to you and if you are ready to embark on a journey towards a fuller. more joyful life, then I’d welcome you book your first session below.

Training & Credentials:

  • Registered Professional Counsellor License #3929 – Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
  • Professional Counsellors Diploma – Rhodes Wellness College
  • Psychodrama Psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, Breathwork, Solution Focused Therapy – Rhodes Wellness College (Experiential work as both a practitioner and the client)
  • Jay Early’s Advanced IFS Therapist Groups 2018-2019
  • Internal Family Systems Level 1 Training (758) with Osnat Arbel – IFS Institute – October 2021
  • Internal Family Systems Level 2 Training (800) – Deepening and Expanding with Pam Krause – IFS Institute – May 2022
  • Brainspotting Phase 1 – Martha Jacobi
  • The Integrated Trauma Therapist: Incorporating IFS with EMDR, SP, CPT, AEDP, DBT, and Psychedelic Medicines for Treating Complex Trauma and PTSD (Online Course)
  • Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems (IFS): An Intensive Online Course by Dr. Frank Anderson
  • IFS and Anxiety, Depression & Shame Masterclass- Ann Sinkon & Mike Elkin – IFSCA
  • IFS and Shamanism Masterclass – Ed Yeats – IFSCA
  • IFS & Legacy Burdens Masterclass – IFSCA
  • IFS & Unattached Burdens Workshop – Robert Falconer
  • IFS & Psychedelic Psychotherapy Workshop – Robert Falconer
  • Laura Schmidt, LMFT 6 Month IFS Consultation Group – December – May 2022
  • Ongoing Clinical IFS Consultation with Kim Paulus, LMFT (Assistant Trainer)
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